List of items we typically lend out:

This is a list of available items typically available to lend.
If you don’t see what you are looking for on the list below, please give us a call, it’s possible we may have one!

To apply for a loaner item, please call 781-545-4411.

WALKERS (including):
standard folding walkers
standard folding walkers with wheels
4 wheel rollator walkers with seat
3 wheel walkers with oxygen tote
arm supports for walkers

CANES (including):
standard straight canes
4 pronged canes
Canes for visually impaired

COMMODES (including):
standard commodes
drop-arm commodes
extra wide commodes
commode seats with wheels
portable commodes

CRUTCHES (tall, medium, small)
canadian crutches

electric hospital beds
hoyer lifts
bedside tables
transfer bed handles
tub and shower seats (including tub benches)
transport/companion chairs
elevated toilet seats( with and without handles) & versa frames/bars for toilets
exercise bikes
foot peddlers

Occasionally we will have the items listed below:
reclining chairs
occupational therapy equipment like:
sock aids
long handled sponges and shoe horns
air mattresses (with pumps)
wheel chair cushions
iv poles
tub handles/bars
sliding boards
transfer belts
transfer pivot discs
cryocuffs (for icing)
vaporizers – if NEW
portable stand assist seats
portable shower
exercise weights
support bars for the bathroom
baby/room monitors
support stockings – if NEW
hand held shower attachments
braces for ankle,wrist,knee,back,leg
arm slings
support collars
bed pans, urinals – if NEW
sitz baths – if NEW
blood pressure cuffs & monitors
diabetic monitoring equipment
multipodus/heel-relief boots
protective walking boots
walker baskets and trays
oxygen tank holders
phones for the visually impaired
medication dispensers
bandaging supplies
bathing supplies (caps ,cast protectors, washing basins)
foot cradles & bed positioning cushions
ostomy supples – if NEW
oxygen tubing & supplies – if NEW
incontinence products (briefs & bed pads) if NEW
visual enhancement equipment (for reading, tv)
motion alarms for bed, chair
Please give us a call to see if the item you are looking for is available!

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